Auguste Rateau, Inventor of the Multicellular Turbine (1863-1930)

Jean-Victor Poncelet, Soldier, Mathematician and Hydraulic Engineer (1788-1867)

Charles Algernon Parsons, A Genius of Maritime Propulsion (1854-1931)

Jean-Charles de Borda, Military Engineer of Hydraulics (1733-1799)

Pierre du Buat, Great Hydraulic Experimenter (1734-1809)

Daniel Bernoulli, Pillar of Modern Fluid Mechanics (1700-1782)

Blaise Pascal, Man of Faith and Science (1623-1662)

Simon Stevin, Father of Mechanics (1548-1620)

Archimedes, A Universal Genius from Classical Times (287 B.C.-212 B.C.)