Heinrich Hertz, Discoverer of Radio Waves (1857-1894)

James Clerk Maxwell, Theoretician of Electromagnetic Waves (1831-1879)

Zénobe Gramme, Genius Electrician (1826-1901)

Emil Lenz, Developer of the Electromagnetic Theory (1804-1865)

Michael Faraday, Pioneer of Electromagnetic Induction (1791-1867)

André-Marie Ampère, Founder of Electrodynamics (1775-1836)

Jean-Baptiste Biot, Theoretician of Optics and Magnetism (1774-1862)

Félix Savart, A Contributor to Electromagnetic Theory (1791-1841)

Hans Christian Oersted, First to Discover Electromagnetism (1777-1851)

François Arago, Pillar of Electromagnetism (1786-1853)